Client Testimonials

"Chris was an important part in Ultra Mobile’s Agile transformation from a disjoint waterfall/scrum process wrought with interruption and moving targets, to one of continuous improvement, continuous delivery, and a high-rate of achieving sprint goals. As a change agent, Chris brings a strong base of implementing process improvement aligned with Agile values and principles." — Principal Engineering Analyst @ Ultra Mobile

"It is pleasure working with Chris as our CSM. I appreciate Chris being assertive, but not demanding, in that role. He brought another voice of reason to our organization and provided us with the information required to help improve our processes. He is always aware of the current situation and escalates issues to management as they arise. I know there was a tangible improvement in our sprint planning results along with the clear understanding of how interruptions affected our delivery of sprint goals. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone in search of implementation or improvement to their existing AGILE organization. Looking forward to working with Chris on future projects." — Product Manager @ Cloudvirga

"Chris was our Agile coach at Cloudvirga. He was our Scrum master for my team. He brought the order to the Chaos. He championed the agile delivery process to win a crown jewel of agile process, that is the predictability of the delivery teams. He enlightened the higher management to adopt the agile process. He shielded our delivery team from push back and kept nay Sayers at bay to make the agile delivery a reality. He authored many articles in our company to keep all the stake holder on the same page. If you really want to benefit from the true agile process, you will find one of the best Agile Coach in him.” — Engineering Manager @ Cloudvirga

"I've had the pleasure of working with Chris a couple of times. Chris most recently served as our Agile Team Coach and Scrum Master in which he helped to better our process and brought more definition to our steps. An Agile Enthusiast, he is and I appreciated his fresh viewpoints and willingness to implement new processes and concepts. He has a great command for words and has a positive can-do attitude despite the challenges that might lay in his path. Chris fought the good fight championing for the Scrum Team's success whether that was recommending process change, chasing down roadblocks, persisting in the face of chaos, ... I highly recommend Chris for any organization serious about adopting/maturing in their Agile methodology." — SVP Enterprise Ops & Release Management @ Cloudvirga

"Chris is especially adept at identifying process gaps, fixing them and then being vigilant in enforcing all while understanding the process must serve the business, not the other way around. He is very collaborative with team members in defining and implementing methodology that works for all and serves the ultimate objective. If you want someone detailed oriented to improve your team's efficiency and accountability look no further!" — Project Manager @ Allergan
Chris has a thorough understanding of all things Agile. During my time working with him I witnessed him closely evaluate each team he worked with, build strong personal relationships and trust with each person on his team and then create tailored strategies for any given team he worked with. His style is not to force a certain cookie cutter structure onto any team he works with but to truly understand how his team works, what everyone’s strengths are and then begin making suggestions and selling ideas to his team on how they can continuously improve. Ideas like mob programming (eliminates waste in the form of hand offs, encourages cross pollination of skills, etc) ideas like delivering incremental vertical slices of working software frequently vs big up front planning, among many other practices.

Chris has many skills but perhaps his strongest as a coach is to build personal relationships with his team and gain their trust which makes selling ideas to continuously improve infinitely easier. But Chris doesn’t just build relationships and trust to sell ideas, it seems he does it because he truly enjoys working with people and helping teams reach their maximum potential.

Chris is a world class Agile practitioner and he has my recommendation any day of the week.” — Scrum Master/Project Manager @ Acorns

“Speaker of Truth” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Christopher Hurney. I’ve have known Chris for a number of years through our common agility social circles and had the pleasure working with Chris when he and I worked as Agile Coaches at AAA. Chris has the unique skill of being able to distill complex agile concepts into real-world practical understandings that help change people’s perceptions and beliefs. He is a true multiplier, agilest connector and speaker of truth to power transforming companies and teams. Above all, I was impressed with Chris’s ability to use his conversational questioning techniques to helped others identify the gaps in their agile understanding as well as Lean wastes in the organization; turning a simple lunch into an agile “aha” moment. Chris especially shines when creating, communicating and collaborating, with other coaches and agilest in the community on how to resolve organizational debt and help the organizations become more outcome driven rather than output driven. Christopher Hurney would be a true asset for any positions requiring deep Agile Coaching or Agile Leadership skills, inspiring and informative training, meaningful mentoring, or most importantly truly trans-formative organizational change. I hope I can work with Christopher Hurney in the future and he comes with my most heartfelt recommendation.” — Enterprise Agile Coach @ Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA)

Chris is an extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and motivational agile coach - one of the best I have ever worked with. His deep experience clearly gives him the ability to evangelize and educate a team on the core benefits of agile and scrum. But much more importantly, he brings to the table the right tradeoffs that must be part of the approach that a software organization undertakes as they mature into an agile team. In the time I worked with Chris, I saw him bring insights, focus, balance, and organization to our sprints, creating great cohesion among the team and unifying our efforts. That kind of growth isn’t possible without someone with years of deep experience leading the way. I confidently recommend Chris to anyone who is serious about becoming agile.” — Senior Software Engineer @ Acorns

Christopher is an excellent Coach. What sets him apart is that he bridges the theories to the reality. He not only teaches the concepts, but also ensures organization adopt those concepts. He does this by keenly observing the current situation, sharing his observations, sharing the ideal state and techniques to go from current to the ideal state. I would highly recommend to any organization looking to be Agile and not just do Agile.” — Enterprise Agile Consultant @ Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) 

My first interaction with Chris was working with a newly formed Scrum Team, for which I was Scrum Master. I like to take credit for how quickly this team started to deliver on Agile principles, but it was the coaching from Chris that made the difference. Chris has the ability to quickly identify areas of improvement with teams, provide guidance, and motivation towards improvement. At the Enterprise level, he provided a straightforward improvement plan for our company and identified specific areas and techniques to accelerate our adoption of Agile principles.
Chris also influenced me personally. I have been practicing Scrum off and on for about 15 years. As a mentor, Chris motivated me to join in with our local Agile community, and inspired me to continue improving my knowledge of Agile principles, frameworks and techniques.” — Product Manager @ Panasonic Avionics Corporation 

Chris is an absolutely fantastic coach. In a short period of time, Chris was able to bring our engineering organization from a crippling process-ridden development lifecycle to a streamlined approach of consistently delivering value to our customers. He observed our process and constantly delivered valuable, actionable feedback into where our pain points existed and thoughtful recommendations and techniques on how to remedy them. I'd highly recommend Chris to any organization looking to improve their agile process in any facet. I hope to work with Chris again in the future!” — Software Engineer @ Acorns

☕ Working with Chris for over a year at Ultra Mobile, he was perhaps the only person in the company to *actually* understand Agile and how to properly facilitate Agile Development. Most companies say they do "Agile", but it's like a religion -- they do the services, but don't keep the philosophy.

Chris, on the other hand, has a mastery of Agile and other lean software development methodologies, to ensure work gets done well and on time.

We would have been in much worse shape without him :)“ Software EngineerUltra Mobile